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Karibu rafiki, welcome friend!

Rafiki Bags offers hand made bags from beautiful and sunny Kenya. Made from both colourful as well as natural coloured sisal, wool and leather, these bags form a cheerful addition to your wardrobe!

These so-called sisal and woollen ‘Kiondo’ baskets and bags are traditionally woven by women from the Kikuyu and Kamba tribes in the rural areas of Kenya. Being primarily employed as farmers, the Kiondos allow women to earn some extra money to provide for their living.

Like a true ‘rafiki’ – which is Kiswahili for ‘friend’ – the bags are ideal to bring to the beach or to cheer-up your grocery store visit, but also for storage, the bags can easily be used in and around the house.

“Asante sana squash banana!”

— Rafiki

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